Send ID Photo

If you've ordered one of our NIC Pro ID's or Folios, you'll need to send your photo and signature to us
You can email us now, request an email, or reply to your order receipt

For info/guidelines on what kind of photo/signature to send, Click here.

Option 1: Email now
  1. Email
  2. Include your Order ID or Order Number in your message.
  3. Attach your photo and signature to your message.
Option 2: Request an email

Complete the form below to request an email submission form. The instructions to attach your files and which ones you should send will be included in the message.
Option 3: Reply to Order Receipt

After placing your order, you can reply to the email receipt and attach your photo and signature.
If you're not sure if you should include your signature, check these tips:

Which did you purchase, a Folio or Pro ID Card?
  • A Folio - We definitely need your photo and signature. If you opted for additional authorizing signatures for the top ID card, please also send those (or tell us to use your signature in the additional spaces)
  • A Pro ID Card - Take a look at the sample picture of the ID you purchased. If you see a signature on it, it is required. If not, just your photo is needed.

Emails without an order number may be delayed while we try to match your message with your order.

If you would rather mail your photo and signature, please mail to this address:

NIC Law Enforcement Supply
Attn: Order # (write your order number)
1403 Highway 313
Algodones NM 87001